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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

And Facebook on your TV?

Taking over a channel rather than creating a new one?  Note how Facebook moving away from the other 'intelligent' assistant voice services.   Originally it was said they were building human augmented systems.  But could this be a way to insert those capabilities into video augmented by intelligence and the architecture of natural networks like family, workers and friends?   Facebook has these, as does Linkedin. 

Facebook is reportedly making a video chat camera for your TV
It would be Portal for the biggest screen in your home.

By Jon Fingas, @jonfingas in Engadget

Facebook's Portal cameras might just be the start of the company's plans to bring video chat to your home. Cheddar sources claimed that the social network is making a "camera-equipped device" that brings video chat and streaming services (including Facebook's own) to your TV. Nicknamed Ripley, it's tentatively slated to launch in spring 2019. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment.  ... " 

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