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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Learning from B2B Buying Process

From the Gartner Blog, a look at a B2B buying process, diagram at the link.  The process diagram   is very complex, very messy.  I have worked on many, many process models.    If we had found this in our interviews with decision makers we would have immediately looked to simplify.   Create  a simpler model.  Model a smaller amount of the process.  Mine the process to determine what is really happening in its operation.  Who does what, whats the data involved?  How are the results measured?    Include decision makers to verify changes.   There is always a simpler model with carefully controlled scope.

I do agree what they say later in their article that control is often not (easily) achievable.   But it can be strongly influenced via the design of the process model.

Check out the diagram at the link.

The Illusion of Control  by Hank Barnes  |
It’s great to be in control.   It creates more confidence and comfort.   But in B2B situations, control is rarely achievable.   There are too many people involved in buying and implementation.  There are too many sources of information.   The idea of the buying journey, and efforts to create journey maps, imply an expectation of control.  .... "

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