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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Google Assistant Re-designed

As more assistants get the ability to provide images easily.   Or show images on phones or displays when needed.

The Google Assistant gets more visual    By Frederic Lardinois   @fredericl in Techcrunch

Google  today is launching a major visual redesign of its Assistant experience on phones. While the original vision of the Assistant focused mostly on voice, half of all interactions with the Assistant actually include touch. So with this redesign, Google acknowledges that and brings more and larger visuals to the Assistant experience.

If you’ve used one of the recent crop of Assistant-enabled smart displays, then some of what’s new here may look familiar. You now get controls and sliders to manage your smart home devices, for example. Those include sliders to dim your lights and buttons to turn them on or off. There also are controls for managing the volume of your speakers.  .... "

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