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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Being Too Collaborative

Interesting thought, yes in the sense that too much of any behavior can.

When being too collaborative can hurt your career

Being a team player is a sought-after skill for nearly every position, but placing too much emphasis on gaining consensus can negatively affect your career growth.

Being a good team player is an essential skill in our modern workplace. But while the ability to work well with others and collaborate on projects is a sought-after ability in nearly every position, placing too much emphasis on being a good team player can negatively affect your career growth.

Being hyper-focused on gaining consensus, or being too concerned with the opinions of others can impede your ability to make decisions, speak up, and gain recognition for your individual skills and strengths.

“When we are too subordinate to others’ opinions, too focused on decision consensus, too silent about our own point of view, too agreeable to take things on when we don’t have bandwidth, we build a brand of underconfident, subservient, low-impact non-leaders, and hamper our growth and career progression,” says leadership coach Shefali Raina. ..... "

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