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Saturday, October 27, 2018

HBO builds Alexa Skills

HBO is having Alexa skills built for some of their properties.  Some just simple database indexes, which does not impress me very much, but others are getting much more creative.     Whats next?    Could such a method be a way to integrate game-style interactions with video properties?   Voice only or likely a combination with visual?

HBO's first Amazon Alexa Skill for Kids is the Next Step in a long-term plan

Sesame Workshop's 'Esme & Roy' builds on the lessons learned from 'Westworld: The Maze'   By I-Hsien Sherwood  in Adage

This summer, HBO’s first Amazon Alexa skill took users on a voice-only journey through “Westworld,” the hit sci-fi/western show. The premium cable channel’s second venture into artificial intelligence is for a decidedly less attentive (though no less discerning) audience--preschoolers.

The new “Esme & Roy” voice skill features characters from the animated children’s show, which debuted on HBO in August. It is produced by Sesame Workshop, the creator of “Sesame Street.” (That acclaimed kids’ program has aired on HBO since 2016.) Aimed at children three and up, the skill mirrors the show, allowing kids to pick different adventures for Esme, an accomplished “monster-sitter,” and her friend Roy, a giant yellow monster with a silly streak .... "

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