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Friday, October 26, 2018

Net connected Trolley (Shopping Cart)

Implies getting biometric data to understand the consumer.   Privacy an issue, though related methods have been used already.  How will consumers react to the 'activation' of a seemingly inert device?

Walmart planning 'net-connected trolley'  in BBC Technology

US retail giant Walmart has applied for a patent for a smart shopping trolley that can track a shopper's heart rate, temperature, grip and walking speed.

Such a system would provide valuable information about how shoppers respond to different stores, it said.

The patent, submitted in February, would see trolleys fitted with sensors which in turn send data over the internet to Walmart's servers.

Walmart said it would not collect any personally identifiable data.

The patent, published in August, is titled "System and Method for a Biometric Feedback Cart Handle". .... " 

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