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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Selling Consumables within Alexa Skills

This opens some interesting applications to skills.   Perhaps in the area of services that are tailored to needs?   Business applications?   What else can work this way?  Good description below.

Now You Can Sell Consumables to Enrich Your Voice Experience and Make Money with Alexa Skills

Starting today, developers can sell consumables in their Alexa skills in the US to further enrich the skill experience with in-skill purchasing. A consumable is an in-skill product that customers can purchase, use, and then purchase again. In addition to one-time purchases and subscriptions, consumables give developers more ways to deliver premium experiences to customers. With consumables, you can sell products that are relevant in the moment to customers as they experience your skill.

For example, consider a trivia skill that offers customers a pack of hints. If a customer gets stuck on a question, rather than get the question wrong, they can purchase and use hints to keep the round going. When they run out of hints, they have the option to purchase again. Consumables are a great way to keep your customers engaged during pivotal moments of your skill and drive revenue for your voice business.

How Developers Are Building Skills with Consumables
As part of a private beta, developers used consumables to elevate their voice-first experience. While consumables are most common in the game and trivia space, Alexa developers are using this feature creatively across various categories to drive engagement with their skills. See below for some examples:

Would You Rather for Family (Voice Games) – In this family-friendly game, you have to make a choice between two lighthearted and silly situations, such as “Would you rather have bad breath or smelly feet” or “Would you rather forget to pack your neck pillow or your headphones.” The free version of the skill contains general questions and the premium version offers themed questions, such as Superheroes, Travel, and Halloween. You can purchase a 7-day pass to access all of the available themed premium packs. After 7 days, your access returns to the free version.  .... "

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