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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Using Google Lens on IOS

Been exploring Google Lens on an Iphone via images placed in Google Photos and Google Assistant.  Google lens is a means of interpreting images.  For example it can interpret the text on a sign and show it to you.  More complexly it can take an image of a tree or plant leaf and it will tell you what it is.  It will identify a location.  If it identifies a commercial thing, it will link you to purchase.   Or a person based on your previous ID of a person in a picture.   Text Translation from signs.  Store names.  And more.   Uses AI based image recognition.   On Pixel phones it can do the recognition directly from the camera view.   Very cool thing, reminding me of Google Goggles from long ago.  I like much where this is going.

That being said, it says it is 'still learning' and does not always get the correct answer.   For example I showed it a mulberry leaf in a clear flat image, a very distinctive leaf form, and it identified it as one of four different images, including a maple leaf, which is very different.   So you can't necessarily rely on the result.  As a naturalist, will try it with other plant images.    Also having been involved with petro geology, identifying rock samples?

Learn and do more with Lens in Google Images
By Assaf Broitman    Product Manager, Google Images

On Google’s 20th anniversary last month, we announced updates to make Google Images a more useful place to explore the web through images. One of the ways we’re doing this is by bringing Lens to Google Images. We launched Lens to help you do more with what you see. People already love using it in their camera and on their photos–to find items in an outfit they like, learn more about landmarks, and identify that cute dog in the park. Lens is a natural fit for Google Images.  ... "

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