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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Keyboard, Now and Future

Long time interest in how humans and machines interact. And here is the most basic way.  Keyboard with a seemingly archaic design.   Why are we still using it?   What would it take to change? 

Why we can’t quit the QWERTY keyboard
We’ve been using it to type for 144 years. Here’s why it works, and what it would take for us to give it up.  by Rachel Metz  in Technology Review

 Tap is a one-handed gadget that fits over your fingers like rubbery brass knuckles and connects wirelessly to your smartphone. It’s supposed to free you from clunky physical keyboards and act as a go-anywhere typing interface. A promotional video shows smiling people wearing Tap and typing with one hand on a leg, on an arm, and even (perhaps jokingly) on some guy’s forehead.

But while Tap didn’t work well for me, it brings up an important question about the evolution of technology. We have so many ways to input data—by voice, touch screen, stylus, you name it—and yet we still rely heavily on something that looks a heck of a lot like the first commercially successful typewriters, released nearly 150 years ago. We can make powerful computers that fit in our pockets. So why haven’t we quit the keyboard? .... " 

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