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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

CYC: Logical Reasoning with a Knowledge Base

My recent post prompted me take a a look at the CYC site again, first time in a long time, here is an excerpt as to what they are about.    Further looking to see what the granularity of their knowledge base looks like, and how it can be leveraged to approximate common sense.    Also recalling our interactions, and why it did not work for us,  because common sense depends upon particular context too.   Is that being better considered better now?   Also how is machine learning, mentioned below, integrated into a knowledge bases?   There is still great need for an architecture that links common sense to a particular knowledge domain.

Cyc:  Logical Reasoning with the World's Largest Knowledge Base

Home of Smarter Solutions

The Cyc software combines an unparalleled common sense knowledge base with powerful inference engines and natural language interfaces to deliver human-like understanding and transparent explanations of its output and reasoning.  Cyc applications can stand alone or work in concert with pattern matching AI tools, such as Machine Learning, to deliver truly differentiated value.


Differentiated applications for your enterprise that deliver value only available with Cyc’s vast knowledge base and powerful inference engines.


Develop smarter applications using Cyc’s Knowledge Application Development Environment. The Cyc knowledge base and inference engine are available for commercial application developers with support if necessary.


Cycorp is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence technologies bringing a new level of common sense reasoning and understanding to a wide variety of software applications.   ..... "

Also about their work with Accenture.

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