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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Seeking Co-Creativity

Well of course, a kind of creativity augmentation.  But as the article suggests, Co-creativity takes it yet beyond.  Who/What initiates, develops, delivers?   Fascinating view of this.   Part of the intelligence included has to be: How we we best co-create?  Not sure humans have this intelligence yet.

Evaluating Creativity in Computational Co-Creative Systems 

Tech Xplore

Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) and the University of Sydney in Australia have developed a framework for evaluating creativity in co-creative systems in which humans and computers collaborate on creative tasks. There are three main strategies by which the role of computers in creative systems can be characterized: fully autonomous systems, creativity support tools, and co-creative systems. The team focused on co-creative systems, in which computers and humans collaborate with one another to produce shared creative works. The researchers define a co-creative system as an "interaction between at least one [artificial intelligence] agent and at least one human where they take action based on the response of their partner and their own conceptualization of creativity during the co-creative task." They determined that compared to autonomous systems, co-creative systems benefit from human interaction, introducing human insight and perception of the creative product during the process. ... " 

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