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Friday, August 31, 2018

Shifting Decision Making

Quite a suggestion in the title of this piece,  Will it, can it?  Augment it in both areas enough to change the nature of decision?

Why AI Will Shift Decision Making from the C-Suite to the Front Line  by Alessandro Di Fiore in HBR

Hardly a day goes by without the announcement of an incredible new frontier in Artificial Intelligence (AI). From fintech to edtech, what was once fantastically improbable is now a commercial reality. There is no question that big data and AI will bring about important advances in the realm of management, especially as it relates to being able to make better-informed decisions. But certain types of decisions — particularly those related to strategy, innovation and marketing — will likely continue to require a human being who can take a holistic view and make a qualitative judgment based on a personal consideration of the context and facts. In fact, to date, there is no AI technology that is fully able to factor in the emotional, human, and political context needed to automate decisions. .... " 

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