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Monday, August 27, 2018

More Background Information on IOTA

Good, short, largely non-technical view of IOTA method vs Blockchain

IOTA - David Sonstebo (IOTA Co-Founder) Interview | Part 1/4 - 4.4
How to install Wallet & buy IOTA: https://iota-support.com
IOTA Guide & FAQ | Step by step Tutorials with pictures!

1.) How to install IOTA wallet: https://bit.ly/2MkJImm
2.) How to create an account & login: https://bit.ly/2BkKwTl
3.) How to buy IOTA: https://bit.ly/2Buy5UK
4.) How to receive a transaction: https://bit.ly/2MvnAoN
5.) How to send a transaction: https://bit.ly/2vV0uyp
Follow IOTA-Support.com on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Iota_Support

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