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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hack to Get Amazon Alexa to Respond to ASL

Had heard of this before, here are more details.  Still very much an early  prototype.   How close can this get to being very useful?   Below the motivation...

Getting Alexa to Respond to Sign Language Using Your Webcam and TensorFlow.js
By Abhishek Singh in Medium

A few months ago, while lying in bed one night, a thought flashed through my head — “If voice is the future of computing interfaces, what about those who cannot hear or speak?”. I don’t know what exactly triggered this thought, I myself can speak and hear and have no one close to me who is either deaf or mute, nor do I own a voice assistant. Perhaps it was the countless articles popping up on the proliferance of voice assistants, or the competition between large companies to become your voice activated home assistant of choice, or simply seeing these devices more frequently on the counter tops of friends’ homes. As the question refused to fade from memory, I knew it was an itch I needed to scratch.

It eventually led to this project, a proof of concept where I got an Amazon Echo to respond to sign language — American Sign Language (ASL) to be more precise, since similar to spoken language there are a variety of sign languages as well.  ... "

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