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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Contextual Assistants Needed

O'Reilly piece on the challenge of contextual chatbots. And beyond the need to keep track of past conversations and plan future goals.

The next generation of AI assistants in enterprise
Chatbots are just the first step in the journey to achieve true AI assistants and autonomous organizations.   ... By Alan Nichol  

" ... However, chatbots are not the end game. We know from working with Fortune 500 companies there are powerful examples showing that state of the art chatbots can work and actually do help companies generate additional revenue or save costs. Our mission is to work toward true AI assistants that make it possible for customers to express what they want, in their own terms, without a human on the other end.

AI assistants can be applied both for direct customer service and within the operations of an organization. AI that understands customers, context, and that can be proactive will lead to automation of many repetitive tasks. ... "

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