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Friday, August 24, 2018

Process Automation at Anthem

I never liked the full term RPA (Robotic Process Automation) since it is not really about robots the way we mostly use the term 'Robot' today.  So I am now using the term 'Process Automation'.    Here how Anthem is using the method to digitize.  This further makes the case that its always useful to do some sort of process model first before digitizing.   That ensures everyone agrees you are digitizing the right thing and can agree with the results.  Even if you never RPA,  you can address your model with other methods as appropriate.  Or simply as a means to document your current flow of business.  Useful for training too.  You should only automate your process if you know what it is.

Anthem taps RPA, AI in digital transformation push

The health insurance company is using robotic process automation to balance data center workloads as part of CIO Tim Skeen’s effort to make IT operations more nimble for stakeholders.   By Clint Boulton in CIO

Robotic process automation (RPA) has become a popular go-to technology for insurance companies looking to automate data entry and replace paper shuffling. One insurance provider is embracing RPA in a different fashion: Automating computing infrastructure to free up engineers to focus on more strategic tasks.

Anthem has implemented more than 130 RPA "bots" to manage the company's data center infrastructure, says CIO Tim Skeen. The bots are a key part of Anthem's broader digital transformation to make IT more nimble for external stakeholders, including consumers, healthcare providers and employers, says Skeen, who took the reins from Tom Miller four months ago.  ... "

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