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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Procter Olay Uses AI for Skin Advisor

Worked previously with a company seeking to determine physical age via AI classification methods.  Here another.   Note too the long history of P&G with advisory and conversational systems.

In Venturebeat:

AI gave Olay its biggest product launch in 10 years   By Jen Larsen

" ... The company partnered with Nara Logics, and Olay Skin Advisor was born in 2016. It’s a web-based tool, rather than an app, that reduces barriers to entry, Putman says. You take a selfie, and the AI-powered engine determines your skin age and then matches you with a raft of Olay products intended to fix your particular issues — from about 2 million unique regimens, all told.

Olay started out with a very limited pool of data, says Damon Frost, director of beauty and CIO at Procter & Gamble, but it continued to shore up that collection by turning Olay.com into a direct-to-consumer website. That way, Olay could see the direct impact of Skin Advisor, from the number of visitors to the basket size and conversion rate. ... " 

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