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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


 I had previously mentioned Virtualitics here.  Currently examining.  Here is a new short presentation:

Michael Amori, Virtualitics' CEO presents at Fintech Innovation Lab NYC demo day.

Fintech Innovation Lab NY Presents: Virtualitics

" ... In SiliconAngle:  Virtualitics offers a data visualization platform that combines artificial intelligence, Big Data and virtual reality to create interactive 3D data models. Virtualitics’ platform is a VR application that allows users to generate complex data models composed of up to 10 dimensions of data, all in a shared virtual office where users can collaborate and analyze the data together. Using machine learning, Virtualitics’ platform is also able to recommend optimal visualizations that gives users a better understanding of the whole picture for their data. ... "  

Online Overview and Documentation.   Continuously being updated.

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