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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Oracle Outsources GraphPipe

Had not heard of this kind of work out of Oracle.   By its description of value to improved process.  Following up and will report on this.

Oracle Open-Sources Graphpipe to Make It Easier to Deploy Machine Learning Models 

Via VentureBeat   By Khari Johnson

Oracle has released an open-source tool called Graphpipe to facilitate the deployment of machine learning models. Graphpipe will simplify the use of machine learning for mobile apps and IoT devices, end user services, and internal corporate functions. Using Graphpipe could obviate the need for developers to create custom APIs to deploy AI models or to tailor their work to a specific framework. Says Oracle's Vish Abrams, "Graphpipe is an attempt to standardize the protocol by which you speak to a remotely deployed machine learning model, and it includes some reference servers that allow you to deploy machine learning models from existing frameworks very easily in an efficient way." Although developers have several framework choices to build AI models, fewer options exist for how to serve or deploy AI models, Abrams says.  ..."

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