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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Business Process Modeling and Simulation

Been re-visiting a book I used long ago.   I only have the first edition, but its still useful as an overview of the methods.    Also a good intro to simulation.   Not enough about topics like RPA to actually use the modeling results.  Have not used later versions of ExtendSim.  Too expensive in the second edition, but what else is new on textbooks.

Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design 2nd Edition
by Manuel Laguna  (Author), Johan Marklund 

Most textbooks on business process management focus on either the nuts and bolts of computer simulation or the managerial aspects of business processes. Covering both technical and managerial aspects of business process management, Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design, Second Edition presents the tools to design effective business processes and the management techniques to operate them efficiently.

New to the Second Edition

Three completely revised chapters that incorporate ExtendSim 8
An introduction to simulation

A chapter on business process analytics

Developed from the authors’ many years of teaching process design and simulation courses, the text provides students with a thorough understanding of numerous analytical tools that can be used to model, analyze, design, manage, and improve business processes. It covers a wide range of approaches, including discrete event simulation, graphical flowcharting tools, deterministic models for cycle time analysis and capacity decisions, analytical queuing methods, and data mining. Unlike other operations management books, this one emphasizes user-friendly simulation software as well as business processes, rather than only manufacturing processes or general operations management problems.

Taking an analytical modeling approach to process design, this book illustrates the power of simulation modeling as a vehicle for analyzing and designing business processes. It teaches how to apply process simulation and discusses the managerial implications of redesigning processes. The ExtendSim software is available online and ancillaries are available for instructors. ... "

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