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Monday, August 20, 2018

Making Dumb Things Smarter with LiveTags

LiveTag tags with photographic paper at left
Have now seen several inexpensive IOT add-ons being suggested along this same direction. 

LiveTag Is Out to Make Dumb Objects Smart       In New Atlas  By Ben Coxworth

University of California, San Diego researchers are developing a Wi-Fi-based system using inexpensive tags that can be stuck to everyday non-electronic objects. These "LiveTags" feature patterns of copper foil printed onto a flexible paper-like substrate without any other electronic parts. Each tag reflects radio signals that are being emitted by a Wi-Fi router, which are picked up by a receiver. As a demonstration, the researchers created a "paper-thin" interface that could be attached to any surface and used to remotely-control a music player. LiveTag can only sustain a communications range of one meter, and the team aims to extend that range and manufacture the tags via paper-and-ink printing.  ... " 

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