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Friday, August 17, 2018

Scientists Favorite Algorithms

Have never thought of algorithms this way ... but we all have favorites.  What we learned first, is easiest to use, is most useful, has the fewest cautions.  Course that is also a bias. So the fact that a scientist has one is not necessarily a good thing.   But with that caution in mind, hearing the reasons why the method is their favorite is instructive.

World class AI experts share what their favorite algorithm is   By Jim Stolze in TNW

From keeping our inboxes free from SPAM to mining your favorite cryptocurrencies, algorithms are all around us. While we feel like we’re drowning in an ocean of big data, clever algorithms are actually helping us to make sense of it all. And although these algorithms are ruling the world, we seem to know very little about them. How do they work? By whom were they created?

I decided to ask the top experts (professors and professionals) which algorithms they think made the biggest contribution to artificial intelligence and science in general. All answers will be at display at the official Algorithm Hall of Fame, but for now we’re giving you the exclusive. ... "

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