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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Does Your Brand Need a Specific Assistant Voice?

One more time, we looked at this very question in great detail a decade plus ago. With our  'Mr Clean' brand.  And decided yes, it needed a specific voice, a culture, attitude, a backstory ... and more.   Like a brand had then.   It also had a primary role as a question answering assistant.  But could its voice then break through as valuable marketing?  Does that still work in TV ads?  Its different in assistants like Alexa or Google Home.  See my 'Mr Clean' tag below for more.  Its now more of a historical example, but much was learned.

Do CPGs need their own voice for Alexa?   by Matthew Stern in Retailwire

In the internet age, the term “brand voice” has come to represent a company’s look, feel and attitude, but with the advent of voice-based commerce, CPG brands find they need a literal voice — one distinctive enough to separate them from the pack. 

The challenge of branding audio in a way that sticks out as clearly as attractive packaging on the shelf was one that came up at this year’s Voice Summit, reported GeoMarketing. In order to differentiate in the world of voice commerce, the article foresees CPG brands having to take  steps such as:

Creating an audio branding element that is consistent with other aspects of a product’s branding, like its colors and logo;
Having an owned voice that differs significantly from Alexa (which may be seen as the “default” personality of voice commerce) à la Geico’s current use of its iconic Gecko voice to introduce its 

Alexa skill;
Creating unique audio logos;
Using brand-appropriate regional dialects and accents  ...  "

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