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Friday, August 24, 2018

Chatbots, Assistants and Beyond

Good thoughts, we need to think of the whole problem, not just answering simple questions.  Autonomous implies knowing much about context and strategy and process, harder yet.

The next generation of AI assistants in enterprise   Via O'Reilly

Chatbots are just the first step in the journey to achieve true AI assistants and autonomous organizations.  By Alan Nichol 

Chatbots are the first step toward autonomous organizations: companies whose operations are largely run by many different AI assistants. Analogous to autonomous cars, there are five levels of sophistication for AI assistants. Currently, basic level two AI assistants are mainstream, and Google just showed the world what a level three assistant looks like. Achieving true level five capabilities for AI assistants will result in a significant shift for society, with many implications for businesses and their customers.

The recent backlash about chatbots is both absolutely correct and completely misses the point. Yes, most chatbots we’ve seen since F8 2016 are bad. Most have failed to add value to the end user when compared to existing websites or apps.

However, chatbots are not the end game. We know from working with Fortune 500 companies there are powerful examples showing that state of the art chatbots can work and actually do help companies generate additional revenue or save costs. Our mission is to work toward true AI assistants that make it possible for customers to express what they want, in their own terms, without a human on the other end.  ... " 

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