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Saturday, August 18, 2018

RPA and Test Automation

Been intrigued by uses of RPA (Robotic Process Automation)  Here from the Gartner Blog, perhaps an obvious one, Test automation.  A brief post follows, but sets the stage for further work.   This lends itself to better linking of AI augmented decision process to real business process.   Integrate all the ML you want to make elements of this work, but you still get a process structure.    I see that there is no mention of RPA in the WP article on Test Automation.  Anyone implementing?  Ideas?

RPA and Test Automation    by Thomas Murphy  in Gartner Blog  (Contribute opinions at the link below)

We are seeing an uptick in questions around RPA and Test Automation.  This is driven from a number of directions:

- vendors that are moving into both spaces

- service providers with expertise in test automation that can apply those skills to build RPA scenarios with a testing tool  ... " 

- organizations seeking ways to either reduce RPA costs or utilize their internal automation skills

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