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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Empowering Multimedia Search

Spent lots of time looking at how corporate files containing multimedia could be stored and effectively searched, and included in other systems.  The emergence of AI image pattern recognition has started to enable this.  Could produce some very useful systems. 

OneDrive leans on A.I. to simplify searches for multimedia files in Digitaltrends

Microsoft is leaning on artificial intelligence to help you manage your files and make its OneDrive cloud storage system smarter. Microsoft 365 customers who use OneDrive and SharePoint will soon have access to a number of A.I.-enabled features making it easier to manage and search for multimedia files stored on Microsoft’s cloud.

“Today, we are announcing upcoming capabilities that, along with our recent investments, combine the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning with content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint to help you be more productive, make more informed decisions, and keep more secure,” Microsoft said in a blog post detailing the updates.

One of the big smart changes is that audio and video files stored on OneDrive and SharePoint will get automatic transcriptions. Microsoft says that it is using the same intelligence found on Microsoft Stream. With transcriptions, users can easily search through audio and video files and collaborate with others. Microsoft claims that the feature brings greater accessibility to users as well. ... " 

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