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Friday, August 17, 2018

Democratizing Data Access

Note enough is done to link such data with your own, in particular as metadata to support, clarify and validate decisions.  Why not?  Often because the data's existence is not known.

How Data.World Wants to Unify the Data World  in K@W

Most organizations today know that data has value, but they are unable to extract its full potential. Typically, data is buried deep in organizations, in silos, and accessible only to a few people. Brett Hurt and Matt Laessig, co-founders of data.world, want to change all that.

They believe that a unifying and collaborative platform could make data accessible to people within an organization, across organizations and around the globe. This democratization of data and a collaborative approach, they say, can not only help companies become more efficient and more competitive, it can also help solve big global problems such as climate change. In a recent conversation with Knowledge@Wharton, Hurt, CEO, and Laessig, COO, discussed their vision for data.world and why they believe it can change the world.

An edited transcript of the conversation follows:

Knowledge@Wharton: You announced the launch of data.world in July 2016. What was your original vision? Two years on, how has that changed?

Brett Hurt: Our vision was to create the most meaningful, the most abundant, and the most collaborative data resource on the planet. This is one of those “100-year missions.” It’s very ambitious. We want to change the world. [In the two years since we started,] we have become the world’s largest collaborative data community. We’ve launched a tremendous amount of enterprise functionality for our clients. We’ve grown faster than GitHub [a leading software development platform] grew at this stage, which is really exciting, especially given the fact that Microsoft recently announced that it will buy GitHub for $7.5 billion. .... " 

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