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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Home Robots that Hug You

With some connections to other 'family' home robots, that claim to be family friendly.   By taking it further to the tactile level.  We examined work going in in Japan that aimed to take this to eldercare applications.  With assistant style voice systems we can imagine warmth and friendliness,  now can we take that further?  On to the hug ..    And we note that the Kuri is no longer, and though family friendly made no claim to 'hug'.  ...

Home Robots that Hug You in DigitalTrends

Forget Roomba, your most important house robot could be the one that hugs you    By Luke Dormehl

Sure, so Alexa can play you the right song at the right time, and Google’s Duplex tech means you never need to phone up and book a restaurant again, but our relationship with machines still has the non-tactile frigidity of an unhappy marriage. However, that could all change thanks to work coming out of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany. Researchers there have been developing a robot that is designed for giving you a hug. And, far from an amusing gimmick, they are convinced that it’s really important.

“A robot hugging a person is a good idea because people may crave the benefits that come from a hug at a time when they can’t get a hug from a person, due to factors such as distance, timing, and health,” Alexis Block, one of the lead researchers on the HuggieBot project, told Digital Trends. “We think a hugging robot could be beneficial in this case because a person can get the support they need without feeling self-conscious.”    ... '

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