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Monday, August 13, 2018

Health Wristband

Have heard of a number of related applications, gets back to the applications that run on these to provide value.   Most notable recent Apple monitors via a watch interface.  The picture included  made this one look primitive.

Smart Wristband With Wireless Link Could Monitor Health, Environmental Exposures  By Rutgers Today 

   Rutgers University–New Brunswick researchers say they have created a smart wristband with a wireless connection to smartphones that will enable a new era of personal health and environmental monitoring devices.

The university’s Mehdi Javanmard said, “It's like a Fitbit but has a biosensor that can count particles, so that includes blood cells, bacteria, and organic or inorganic particles in the air.”

The wristband includes a flexible circuit board and a biosensor, as well as a circuit to process electrical signals, a microcontroller for digitizing data, and a Bluetooth module to transmit data wirelessly.

Information from the biosensor is sent to a smartphone, where an app processes and displays the data. ... " 

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