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Friday, August 31, 2018

Insurance Companies Help Protect the Home

I was asked some time ago by a commercial insurance company if I though it would be useful to offer commonly available assistants that could be linked to home protection.   Have been testing that now for several years.  More and easy to use infrastructure and specific setup skills are still needed.  And clear incentives for its use.

Notion IoT Sensors Let Homeowners Design Their Own Home Intelligence
Travelers Insurance is the latest insurance company to offer home monitoring from the technology startup, at a discounted rate so users can select what they want to monitor when they're away from home.    By Claire Swedberg in RFID Journal

Aug 31, 2018—Traveler's Insurance is offering its clients a discount on Internet of Things (IoT) technology that enables them to track conditions within their home, automatically and remotely, at a cost of $50. The home-monitoring system is provided by technology company Notion. Travelers is one of a handful of insurance companies to provide the Notion system, which offers cloud-based wireless sensor data to automate homes.

The Notion Home Monitoring System leverages IoT technology consisting of multiple sensors that transmit data to a single hub that, in turn, uses a home's existing Wi-Fi network to forward the data to a cloud-based server. Users can then access or receive alerts regarding data from the sensors using a Notion app on their Android- or iOS-based devices.... " 

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