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Friday, August 31, 2018

Crowdsourcing Training Data for Corn Identification

A classic way to get training data.

Researchers use crowdsourcing to speed up data analysis in corn plants

Iowa State University News Service   By Fred Love

Iowa State University researchers used crowdsourcing to train a computer model to identify the tassels of corn plants from a vast number of photographic images. The crowdsourcing effort produced similar results to those of trained plant scientists and yielded an algorithm that the researchers say will greatly reduce the time it takes to derive useful metrics from massive datasets. The researchers used Amazon Mechanical Turk to find participants for the study, who received instructions to identify tassels in dozens of images of corn by drawing a square around them, and then used those labeled images to train a computer to identify tassels in similar corn images. The researchers said this approach could generate similar results for other types of plants. ... "

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