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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Robots Get Uncannily Realistic, but Why?

Perhaps to engage, sell, enforce or to just prove it can be done.  Replace humans?  Mimic humans?  Put them in situations where humans should be present, but are too expensive.   Even without claiming any intelligence as we see it. Add voice and intelligence, make them as pretty as they need to be,  keeping eye contact, Turing-enable them too, and it will be hard to say what we are engaging with.  Will they be regulated because they are a implicit even unethical lie?   Welcome to the Android.  Expect much more of this in coming decades.

Welcome to the uncanny valley: This robot head shows lifelike expressions
By Luke Dormehlin in Digital Trends  ...

The SEER robot is further described from SigGraph.   With its 'unnerving eye-contact'.  I used to attend that conference, when it was far less entertaining.

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