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Monday, November 02, 2020

Salesforce: Mapping Algorithms for Office Reopening

Depending on how well it works could be interesting to try.  By Salesforce.  Further calibration with data and results? How different is this than using methods like those developed more generally for transmission tracking?  Like the integration with mapping aspects of the office.  Integrating risk analysis?

The Algorithm That Could Get You Back in the Office  in Bloomberg, By Andrew Zaleski

As company offices reopen, some are using software to help them shuffle employees, schedule meetings, map office hot spots, and practice social distancing. Maptician detects areas of high transmission risk, such as desks placed too close together, and allows co-workers to view the map to see if they were ever seated near a colleague who tested positive for Covid-19. Employees of commercial real estate brokerage SquareFoot developed an algorithm to determine work rotations for a company’s teams. Salesforce's Work.com has developed a software platform that includes a shift-management algorithm that calculates potential building bottlenecks based on the number of projected workers.... '

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