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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Are We at the Narrow Edge of General AI?

And what is even the definition of 'General AI'?   Say a means to repeatedly solve a non trivial problem in a business or scientific domain, with varying data and context.  One that could be 'intelligent' enough to explain its method, ethics and risks to groups of humans to assure them of its net value of implementation.  That can also learn when given new data.  Also one that could measure and report on its net value over time.  Its not to say that narrow AI is not valuable.  It is,  but its not general.   We are not close yet, and not close to a transition point either.

Are We at the edge of general AI?
We’re entering the AI twilight zone between narrow and general AI
Gary Grossman, Edelman    @garyg02

With recent advances, the tech industry is leaving the confines of narrow artificial intelligence (AI) and entering a twilight zone, an ill-defined area between narrow and general AI.

To date, all the capabilities attributed to machine learning and AI have been in the category of narrow AI. No matter how sophisticated – from insurance rating to fraud detection to manufacturing quality control and aerial dogfights or even aiding with nuclear fission research – each algorithm has only been able to meet a single purpose. This means a couple of things: 1) an algorithm designed to do one thing (say, identify objects) cannot be used for anything else (play a video game, for example), and 2) anything one algorithm “learns” cannot be effectively transferred to another algorithm designed to fulfill a different specific purpose. For example, AlphaGO, the algorithm that outperformed the human world champion at the game of Go, cannot play other games, despite those games being much simpler.  ... " 

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