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Thursday, November 19, 2020

On IOT Security: Guidelines for Improvement

 As we depend on many new communicating  'things' in our environment, their design and management over time and context must be done better.

IoT Security Is a Mess. These Guidelines Could Help Fix That

By Danny Palmer in ZDNet

New guidelines from the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) specify recommendations for strengthening Internet of Things (IoT) security throughout product development. The Guidelines for Securing the IoT-Secure Supply Chain for IoT urge further integration of cybersecurity expertise within all organizational layers so supply-chain participants can identify potential risks before they become serious. ENISA also recommends adopting "Security by Design" across the IoT development cycle, with emphasis on careful planning and risk management. Moreover, the guidelines advise organizations to nurture better relationships throughout product development and deployment, in order to close security loopholes that may emerge when communication between participants is lacking. ENISA’s Juhan Lepassaar said, "Securing the supply chain of ICT products and services should be a prerequisite for their further adoption, particularly for critical infrastructure and services. Only then can we reap the benefits associated with their widespread deployment, as it happens with IoT.”  ... ' 

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