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Monday, November 30, 2020

Templates for Computerized Robot Design

Seems a useful approach as we use robot solutions for more applications. Includes both physical designs and control programming.   And Optimization to tasks involved. 

Computer-Aided Creativity in Robot Design

MIT News,  By Daniel Ackerman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed a system that simulates and optimizes robot design and control programs. RoboGrammar avoids jumbled structures yielded from arbitrary connections between parts by following rules on component arrangement, or graph grammar, inspired by arthropods. Based on inputs of available components and intended terrain, RoboGrammar defines the problem, drafts possible solutions, and chooses the optimal ones, using graph grammar to design all permutations. Each robot has a Model Predictive Control algorithm to model its movements and select the best design, while a graph heuristic search algorithm iteratively samples and assesses sets of robots, learning which designs execute a specific task better. Said Columbia University’s Hod Lipson, “This work is a crowning achievement in the 25-year quest to automatically design the morphology and control of robots.”

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