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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Google Announces 3D Object Detection

 Could lead to very  interesting applications.  More phone based marketing and location possibilities? And another round of complaints like we have seen from face recognition. 

Real-Time 3D Object Detection on Mobile Devices with MediaPipe

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Posted by Adel Ahmadyan and Tingbo Hou, Software Engineers, Google Research

Object detection is an extensively studied computer vision problem, but most of the research has focused on 2D object prediction. While 2D prediction only provides 2D bounding boxes, by extending prediction to 3D, one can capture an object’s size, position and orientation in the world, leading to a variety of applications in robotics, self-driving vehicles, image retrieval, and augmented reality. Although 2D object detection is relatively mature and has been widely used in the industry, 3D object detection from 2D imagery is a challenging problem, due to the lack of data and diversity of appearances and shapes of objects within a category.

Today, we are announcing the release of MediaPipe Objectron, a mobile real-time 3D object detection pipeline for everyday objects. This pipeline detects objects in 2D images, and estimates their poses and sizes through a machine learning (ML) model, trained on a newly created 3D dataset. Implemented in MediaPipe, an open-source cross-platform framework for building pipelines to process perceptual data of different modalities, Objectron computes oriented 3D bounding boxes of objects in real-time on mobile devices.  ... "

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