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Monday, November 02, 2020

Spying via Body Movements on Video calls

(Update This was further discussed as a danger of the common behavior of  'Side Chatting' on Zoom. You can derive what is being said/typed from high resolution images)  See in Fastcompany.)

Anther example of patterns from one kind of transmission (body movement)  to another kind (typing) that could leak specific information.  In the 70s we worked similar approaches for the DOD, which might leak information from combinations of sound, vibration and electromagnetics.   Very conceivable.  Then well before modern machine learning methods.  

Software can spy on what you type in video calls by tracking your arms   

TECHNOLOGY 30 October 2020  By Chris Stokel-Walker in Newscientist

Someone who types while on a video call may be giving away more than they realise. A computer model can work out the words that the person is typing just by tracking the movement of their shoulders and arms in the video stream.

“There are significant, oftentimes not very easily discernible shoulder movements that occur when typing,” says Murtuza Jadliwala at the University of Texas at San Antonio. “We thought if we are able to model them scientifically, we should be able to infer …'

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