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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Amazon Smart Glasses are for Sale

Recall I have been following the idea of 'smart glasses' for a long time.   Since we experimented very early on with prototype glasses to display maintenance diagrams and data in real time on the plant floor.  That were never adopted,  they were slow to update and not easy to use.  But that was in the 80s.  I don't think these would work for that project either as they exist.

Amazon's Alexa-powered smart glasses are now more widely available

The $250 Echo Frames are Amazon's take on smart glasses.

By Nathan Ingraham in Engadget

Last year, Amazon announced Echo Frames, which are almost exactly what they sound like — a prescription-ready eyeglasses frame that looks pretty standard but has built-in microphones for you to summon Alexa. They were announced as a “Day One” product, made in limited quantities and only available via a special invitation. But now, a little over a year later, Echo Frames are available to anyone who wants them.

As the first Day 1 item graduating to a full-fledged product, Amazon has made a bunch of improvements to these new Echo Frames. The first model had open-ear speakers where you would hear replies, and the new model can automatically adjust volume based on how loud your surroundings are. Amazon also says battery life is up to 40 percent longer (during continuous playback at 60 percent volume). Another battery improvement comes from an “auto-off” features — if you put the frames upside-down for three seconds, they’ll automatically power down. ... ' 

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