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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Alexa Guesses Intent, Latent Goals

 Quite interesting,   but this depends on the results.  Admirable idea.   Based on what I read it seems this will at least somewhat depend on suggesting existing skills that address goals and needs.    And I still don't see how these skills will fill in the gaps that might exist.    Will be watching.

Alexa gets smarter as Amazon boosts AI models with ‘latent goal’ detection   By Maria Deutscher in SiliconAngle

Amazon.com Inc. is enhancing Alexa with new artificial intelligence models that can help users find useful Skills, or apps, to install on their smart speakers.

Alexa Skills are created by third-party developers and provide features not included by default in the voice assistant, such as the ability to control smart lights or tune into a local radio station. There are more than 100,000 free and paid Skills available.

Amazon says Alexa can can now suggest Skills that it believes a user may find handy by inferring “latent goals” from their commands. For example, if a user asks Alexa a history question, the voice assistant might reply with the desired information and then follow-up by asking whether they’d like to download a Skill that can launch history quizzes. When Alexa is asked to find the stock price of a company, it could recommend a financial Skill that can provide additional information on the markets. ,, "

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