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Friday, November 06, 2020

Dubber in the IBM Voice Cloud for Conversation Value

 Ultimately voice is data, and that data needs to be converted into intelligence to create useful conversations of value.   With logic, learning and AI.  To create application solutions like sales, assistance, reporting, control, tracking,  customer experience and many many more.  Here Dubber has been integrated for Telecom in the IBM Cloud.  Delivering value from conversations.

Dubber "Best of Breed" UCR & Voice Intelligence Cloud selected for IBM Cloud for Telecommunications Services    in PRNewswire 

Integrated Cloud offering to unlock efficiency and new services across Service Provider Networks globally. Addresses critical customer challenges in compliance, customer experience and security at scale

MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber), has been chosen as the recording and data capture platform for IBM Cloud for Telecommunications. Dubber's Voice Intelligence Cloud will enable Service Providers to deliver next-generation Unified Call Recording and Voice AI Services on a unified cloud platform. IBM announced Dubber on the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications today, selecting 'best-of-breed' solutions proven in leading Service Provider environments, as critical elements of the solution.

The only Unified Call Recording™ (UCR) solution integrated and interoperable with IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, Dubber enables Service Providers to offer solutions critical to their customers addressing compliance mandates, improving sales and service performance and unlocking the possibilities contained within voice data.

"IBM has assembled world-class 'best of breed' services to form a compelling Cloud offering for Service Providers with Dubber as a core component and the only Australian based company involved in the global offering," said James Slaney, co-founder, Dubber.

Today's announcements furthers Dubber's leadership globally in UCR and voice data as a service, increasing its ability to offer new services to its more than 140 Service Provider customers globally - and, for IBM to do the same with its global network of Service Provider customers.

"In simple terms, IBM and Dubber enable service providers to differentiate and create value from the conversations occurring on the network by making call recording and voice data as a service ubiquitous and open. All conversations can be captured in the Cloud, and converted to AI-enriched data," added Slaney. "Dubber will make it easy to capture all calls - from traditional landlines to 5G services, and any end-point provisioned by the Service Provider."  ... " 

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