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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Volcanic Eruption Detection

 I like the interaction between drones, sensors, AI and predictive analytics,  so although this example is fairly esoteric, there are probably things to learn from it.  Adding in some predictive risk analysis would be good as well. 

Drone Technology Improves Ability to Forecast Volcanic Eruptions

UCL News

An international team of researchers led by the U.K.'s University College London modified long-range drones that collect data from active volcanoes, in order to better forecast eruptions. The ABOVE project used drone measurements from Papua New Guinea's Manam volcano to demonstrate the ability to gain predictive insights by combining air, Earth, and satellite-based data. Project collaborators co-developed techniques to measure gas emissions from volcanoes via drones, blending in situ aerial measurements with readings from satellites and ground-based remote sensors. Said Alessandro Aiuppa of the University of Palermo, “Ten years ago, you could have only stared and guessed what Manam’s CO2 emissions were. ... '

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