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Monday, November 23, 2020

StoryFit Analyzes Stories for Understanding

Again links to work we did for large advertisers using language analysis for marketing goals. 

Brought to my attention in a recent podcast on Artificial Intelligence by Bradley Netrock/.   interview with Monica Lander:

AI Company Storyfit studies films and books to understand them 

State of the Art Story Research, For Storytellers and Story Sellers

White Paper: https://www.storyfit.com/how-character-interactions-impact-drama-success?hsLang=en

Webinar https://www.storyfit.com/characterresearchregistrationpage?hsLang=en

StoryFit generates detailed data profiles of your properties so you can quickly find comps, discover story themes that appeal to niche audiences, search and re-market your back catalog, and make smarter decisions from development to marketing and merchandising. .... 

Run your project through our natural-language-processing software to generate a detailed profile of important story, character, and production-related metrics. Compare your script’s profile with our catalog containing the last 35+ years of films, find story themes that will resonate with audiences, predict your marketing budget, and more.  .... " 

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