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Monday, November 23, 2020

Adapting Kiosks for the Pandemic

 Another are we addressed in the innovation centers, kiosks.  Here a good article about how the Pandemic is making us think more about their useful operation.

How the Pandemic Is Driving Kiosk Adaption

Peter Collier, SCB Contributor  in SCM

The COVID-19 pandemic threw the world for a loop. Virtually overnight, everything about the way businesses operated changed. Now, as they come to terms with new operating environments, many are looking for ways to deliver a good employee and customer experience, while improving safety and reducing costs.

Kiosks, the blanket term for self-service devices that automate transactions, can be a key part of the solution. Every day, new kiosks are being deployed in a variety of settings, including healthcare, retail, banks, food service, government agencies, school campuses, and more.

Kiosks for ticket purchase at movie theaters, airport check ins and wayfinding in malls are all familiar, but there are many other uses — especially now. For example, CleanslateUV is putting its sanitizers in department stores and restaurants so employees and customers can sanitize phones, keys and wallets when they enter and leave. Metrolinx is installing personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines at transit hubs to ensure that passengers have access to masks and other safety items they may need to ride public transit.

And it doesn’t stop at PPE. Pharmacies are increasingly using kiosks to store and dispense drugs safely, and there’s a pilot program in Vancouver testing opioid dispensers from Signifi, using biometrics to deliver safe doses to marginalized communities.  ... " 

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