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Thursday, November 12, 2020

New Dash Replenishment Shelf

 Alas the Amazon DASH replenishment Button, which we tested for a few years in stores and at homes  is gone. We were much into 'ease-of' and automatic replenishment tech in innovation centers and Smart home designs.   Well now DASH is back, but aimed at the small office with an automated weight driven  shelf.   Will this work, and for who? Below a sort description and discussion.   It turns out this shelf is not a new Dash idea, we were offered to test it back then,  but elected the consumer order button design.   Can we help you test?

Will Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf drive auto-replenishment from SMBs and consumers?  by Tom Ryan in Retailwire

Amazon.com, after retiring the Dash Button last year, has introduced a replacement, Dash Smart Shelf, that promises to shake up the office supplies space and bring auto-replenishment to households.

Costing $19.99 each, Dash Smart Shelf is a weight-sensing, Wi-Fi-enabled auto-replenishment scale. When placed on a flat surface, such as a warehouse rack, it can track inventory for commonly used products. When it senses supplies are running low, a replenishment order or notification is automatically sent.

The system offers three scale sizes; each scale can only be paired with one product at a time. Amazon says that “thousands of popular products” including most household and workplace staples can be replenished under the program.   .... '

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