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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Low-Code Use Expanding

Will be the future.  Then quickly to No-Code.  With much use of code analysis and adaptation for goals like security, and compliance to standards.  Ultimately to make the code process conformant and understandable by management. 

Two-Thirds of Software Developers Have Increased Use of Low-Code Tools

Information Age  by Aaron Hurst

A survey by software company Nuxeo found that 41% of software developers want over half of their organization's app development processes to be based on low-code solutions by 2022. The developers report facing increased pressure to build and launch content-based applications quickly, with 70% of respondents noting the pandemic has made digital transformation more of a priority. However, the survey reveals nearly half (47%) of respondents do not have the low-code tools necessary to build applications fast enough to meet deadlines. Forty-three percent of those polled said it takes more than three months to build a typical content-based application, and 44% said long time frames prompted their organization to table application projects. Fifty-five percent said they have been encouraged by their employers to increase use of low-code development tools, but 61% said they use them only occasionally or rarely. ... '

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