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Monday, November 30, 2020

Need the Right Data, Methods and the Willingness to use them

Challenges and Dilemmas in context

China's Surveillance State Sucks Up Data. U.S. Tech Is Key to Sorting It

The New York Times   By Paul Mozur; Don Clark

Chips from U.S. companies Intel and Nvidia power a Chinese supercomputing facility that monitors people in a region known for government suppression, raising issues about the technology sector's responsibility. The Urumqi Cloud Computing Center watches the population of Xinjiang using Intel and Nvidia chips sold to Sugon, the company backing the center, to sort the collected data. Local officials in 2017 said the center would support a Chinese police surveillance project capable of searching 100 million photos a second, and by 2018 its systems could link to 10,000 video feeds and analyze 1,000 simultaneously, via artificial intelligence. Intel and Nvidia claimed they were unaware of what they termed misuse of their technology.  ... 

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