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Monday, November 16, 2020

GMail Morphs Again

Been a user of GMail since our megacompany included it as an option in the very beginning.  It has continued to morph in ways that were often disturbing and less than useful.   Now its changing again.  Hoping for more logic and usefulness to keep the email madness in check.    My observation is that its gotten worse in the pandemic, which has everyone looking for attention.  SIMPLIFY, please.

New settings for smart features and personalization in Gmail   from Google

Product Manager

People have come to expect a lot from their email. But whether you’re an inbox zero master or a never-archiver, you want your email experience to be easy and secure. Since 2004, many have grown to love Gmail for its time-saving and security features. From assistive writing capabilities to high priority notifications to blocking more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing and malware from reaching your inbox, we built Gmail to make communication less of a chore.

In the same way, people have come to expect easier control of their data—and here too, we’ve been on a mission to take the work out of managing your privacy. That’s why our engineers at the Google Safety Engineering Center in Europe developed Privacy Checkup as an easy way to review key settings and see (and delete) the data that Google collects to provide you with helpful experiences. And it’s why we introduced auto-delete as the default this year to make control over your data even more automatic.   ,, ,"

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