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Friday, November 13, 2020

Covid Executive War Game

 How accurate, complete?  Unclear, but it is useful to see a number of the components involved in a game of corporate management.  Interesting too is the Unilever involvement.

Covid-19 'War Games' Program Could Help Save Your Job

Reuters   By Sinead Cruise

November 11, 2020

Unilever-owned uFlexReward has developed the Covid-19 War Game, which allows U.K. executives to consider the impact of job cuts on future earnings prospects. Players formulate a strategy to reduce people costs by 20% at a fictional company, allowing them to weigh mass layoffs versus alternatives, and their long-term impact on the company and the broader economy. The game integrates staff salaries, pensions, bonuses, and share awards into one real-time cost base so players have a better view of different ways to trim costs, from making many smaller cuts to eliminating entire business units or the bonus pool. Strategies arising out of a head-to-head version of the game featuring teams of Unilever and Endava executives will be judged on Dec. 3. .... 

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