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Friday, November 27, 2020

Coffee Analysis Using Pattern Recognition

Used to be in the coffee blend analysis and optimization space, so this was interesting.  Nicely done.  We did some similar things with classical optimization and statistical systems.  Below an intro, link takes you to more detail exploration and to the data and technical details.  Also a good example of this kind of pattern recognition problem.   See my 'Coffee' tag below for many mentions of our work and related research.

Comparing Coffee using Pattern Recognition

Exploring coffee similarities using cupping grades and flavors

By Robert McKeon Aloe   in Towards Data Science

After trying a variety of coffees from around the world, I have often wondered if coffee grades or flavors could tell me which coffees were similar to each other and which were different. I am particularly interested if such comparisons could be used to help determine the best blends by increasing my understanding of how coffees relate to each other. Luckily, I found some data to investigate just that question.

I have looked at two databases with coffee grades, and previously, I’ve used the CQI database to investigate similarities between coffees. I’m applying the same techniques here.

I amended one of the databases from Sweet Maria’s. I previously pulled their Q-scores, but they also had flavor ratings for each coffee. So I went back, and I pulled flavor ratings for all the beans. I ended up with a slightly larger database than previously at 407 coffees. ... "

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